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Instructor Website & Customer Booking Platform

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Instructor   Designed Instructor  Driven is an Instructor Website & Customer Booking Platform. Includes tools for event organization and growth, a strong booking system, automated features, upselling, and digital ticketing.

AI helps create event details and manage payments easily. One-on-one training, live Zoom training on features and functions, with monthly free business training. Try a 14-day free trial, no credit card is needed. 100% Guaranteed to assist your business to succeed!


What is Instructors Dash

Instructor Website & Customer Booking Platform; Marketing Tools,
Event Booking, Email & SMS Marketing Tools and more...

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Instructors Dash Key Features

Booking and Registration Management

Advanced Booking System: A sophisticated system for simplifying and managing course enrollments.

Attendee Handling: Efficient management and organization of attendee data.

Easy Event Registration: Streamlined process for users to register for events.

Digital Ticketing: Eco-friendly, digital system for ticket issuance and management.

Event Creation and Customization

Specialized Event Creation Tools: Tools designed for easy and effective event setup.

Custom Domain for Event Page: Personalization of event pages with unique domains.

Customizable Event Layouts: Flexibility in designing the layout and appearance of event pages.

Custom URLs for Events: Unique, easy-to-share URLs for each event.

Theme Design: Various design themes to choose from for event pages.

Event Calendar: Integration of an event calendar to display scheduled events.

Mobile Event Page: Optimization of event pages for mobile device accessibility.

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Multiple Device Compatible

Use fluid layout: Dashboard adapts to different screen sizes with relative unit scaling.

Ensure media/content responsiveness: Elements adjust and remain clear across devices.

Optimize for touchscreens: Design for easy interaction on tablets and smartphones.

Achieve cross-browser compatibility: Dashboard functions well on all major web browsers.

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One Click Rechedule 

Transfer a Student: Modify a student with one click transfering to a future date.

Cancellation: Cancel a reservation with one click, triggering notifications to your student.

Duplicate Events 

One Click Duplication: Clone your event or make it a template, providing an easy solution for future events

Cancellation: Setup your event to recur weekly, bi-weekly even monthly

Internet SEO Ready

SEO: Options for users to customize SEO-friendly URLs for their events, improving search rankings.

SMM: Easily incorporate functionality allowing users to add custom metadata to their events, enhancing search engine visibility.

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AI Features Integrated

Context: Our advanced AI system will provide the context for your event descriptions

Images: Allow our AI to provide images for your event with our integrated AI system.

Terms: With one click our AI system will create terms of service for your event

One Platform   Multiple Features

Top Features
Instructors Dash Other 
Instructor Website & Customer Booking Platform
Customer Booking
Automated Notifications
Event Page Management
Admin Dashboard
Marketing Tools
Full Control Over Event Details
Specialized for Instructors
Advanced Event Booking Manager
AI Integration
No Customer Limit
No Event Limit
Free Trial and Subscription Plans
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Promotion and Marketing

SMS/Email Alerts: Automated alert system for effective communication with attendees.

Social Media Integration: Easy sharing and promotion of events on social platforms.

Email and Social Media Marketing Tools: Tools for creating and managing marketing campaigns.

Customizable Email Templates: Tailorable email templates for various communication needs.

Bulk Email and SMS Capabilities: Sending mass emails and SMS for large-scale communication.

Discount Codes: Offering promotional discounts for events.

Email Blast: Mass email sending feature for promotion and updates.

Widgets: Embeddable tools for additional website functionalities.

Notifications: Automated notifications for event updates and reminders.

Social Sharing: Facilitating the sharing of events through social networks.

Payment and Financial Management

Payment Processing with Stripe and PayPal: Seamless integration with popular payment gateways.

Integrated Payment Solutions: Comprehensive payment handling within the platform.

Automated Payment Receipts: Automatic generation of receipts for transactions.

Flexible Refund Policies Customizable refund options for event organizers.

Data Management and Security

Comprehensive Customer Management: Detailed management of customer data and interactions.

Secure SSL Encryption: High-level security for data protection.

Data Security and Privacy: Commitment to maintaining data confidentiality and privacy.

User Management and Permissions: Control over user access and roles within the platform.

Automation and Efficiency

Automated Features: Various tasks automated for operational efficiency.

Automated Reminders for Attendees: Timely reminders sent to attendees automatically.

Automated Notifications: Notifications automatically sent for important updates (also in Promotion and Marketing).

Integration and Compatibility

Calendar Widget for Websites: Embeddable calendar widget for easy integration.

SEO Setup for Events: Tools for optimizing event pages for search engines.

Integration with CRM Systems: Compatibility with existing CRM systems for better customer management.

Cloud-Based Accessibility: Access and manage from anywhere via the cloud.

Mobile Responsiveness: Ensuring the platform's functionality across mobile devices.

Analytics and Reporting

Detailed Event Analytics: Insights and data about event performance and attendee behavior.

On-Demand Reporting Features: Customizable reporting tools for real-time insights.

Post Event Reports: Detailed reports available after the conclusion of events.

Admin Dashboard and Event Management

Event Waivers: Management of legal waivers and disclaimers for events.

Multiple Ticket Options: Offering various ticketing options for events.

Clone Event: Feature to duplicate events for similar future events.

Event Manager: Centralized control for overall event management.

Attendee List: Comprehensive list of event attendees.

Easy Check-In: Simplified process for attendee check-in.

Additional Features and Support

Networking Opportunities: Features to facilitate professional connections.

Turnkey Website Solution: Ready-to-use website feature for event organizers.

Customizable Registration Forms: Flexibility in creating registration forms.

Multilingual Support: Catering to a diverse audience with multiple language options.

Real-Time Booking Updates: Live updates on bookings and cancellations.

Advanced Scheduling Options: Sophisticated scheduling features for events.

Dedicated Customer Support: Continuous support for platform users.

Continuous Platform Updates: Regular updates and enhancements to the platform.

Compliance with Industry Standards: Adherence to relevant standards and regulations.

What Others are Saying

I wish I had this 15 years ago, Instructors Dash is exactly what my business has always needed!

Kingsley N.

Create a free account, go in and play with it, you will be glad you did, this has been a game changer for my company.

Brian R.


1Can I use Dash with an existing website?

Yes! Dash is designed to be integrated into any existing website, including WordPress. In addition, we will install the widget to your website for free!

2What if I don't have a website?

Dash also includes a ready-to-go website with a custom domain, saving you hundreds a year having to have a third-party website. Take a look at how your included website will appear. Visit

3What is is an advanced client management solution for instructors. It includes tools for event organization and growth, a strong booking system, automated features, upselling, and digital ticketing. AI helps create event details and manage payments easily

4What are the features of offers a variety of features, including marketing tools, event booking, email and SMS, website widgets, and more. It also provides a user-friendly interface, effortless creation of event descriptions, automated SMS and email notifications, and a tailored platform designed with instructors in mind

5How do I sign up for

To sign up for, visit the website and click on the “Get Started” button. You can enjoy a 14-day free trial with no limitations and no credit card required

6What is the pricing for

We provide a flat fee of $97 a month to use all our features and functions. Right now you can take advantage of our special, $47 a month for the first 12 months then $97 a month thereafter.

7What is the customer limit for

There is no limit to the number of customers you can have with You can have 5 or 5,000 customers with no additional fees

8What is the website widget feature in

The website widget feature in allows you to insert your calendar into an existing website. You have full control over defining dates, times, locations, pricing, and attendee limits

9What is the customer booking feature in

The customer booking feature in provides an easy registration, login, search, filtering, and navigation. You can craft event descriptions with ease using specialized tools. Automated SMS and email notifications will keep your customers up to date

10What is the admin dashboard feature in

The admin dashboard feature in allows you to manage events, customers, and marketing tools. You can create your event by adding location, max number of students, price, text and email reminders, and so much more. You can also add your SEO information for each event making your event searchable on Google

11What is the AI feature in

The AI feature in helps create event details and manage payments easily. It also assists in creating event descriptions and managing payments

12What is the free trial period for offers a 14-day free trial with no limitations and no credit card required. You can try out all the features and functions without any restrictions